Our coaching doctor is a specialist in self-esteem and leadership. Coaching is a process of accompanying the patient through their self-knowledge and awareness of their skills, with the aim of getting them to identify their goals, and achieve higher results and performance. If you are interested in our coaching services in Castellón, contact us.

We complete the individual sessions with group meetings where we address topics such as personal growth and personal leadership development. Our fun, dynamic methodology encourages reflection and changes in personal and cultural beliefs. We also put across healthy daily living habits to patients.

We boost our medical knowledge with our knowledge in personal growth.

Impala Medical Centre is certified in co-active coaching and in “Co-active Leadership Training” from the CTI (Coach Training Institute of California), and has extensive training in personal growth development, emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). We have developed our own leadership model based on the natural power of people, through coaching tools to remind people both of their power and their social responsibility.

To encourage listening and gratitude towards people, talking and identifying emotions that our behaviour influences, are essential tools to work on motivation, to promote changes in individual behaviour and to indirectly create a happier, more humane society. These are some of the motives that lead us to offer our coaching services in Castellón.