Tecar therapy or deep diathermy is a physiotherapeutic treatment that consists in treating injuries from inside the biological tissue, which significantly reduces recovery times, by reactivating natural anti-inflammatory processes and improving damaged tissue repair. The machine used consists of electrodes that make soft tissue react from inside; it is a painless, non-invasive technique that requires only a few sessions for injury recovery.

Anti-inflammatory, antalgic, regenerating action

The heat released by the machine’s electrodes increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue they are applied to, and also stimulates the lymphatic system, by enabling the drainage of fluids present between capillaries and cell membranes.

Also, heat is a physical agent capable of highly increasing metabolic reaction speed, of boosting biological recovery and repair processes, and of developing a sedative action.

Tercar therapy or diathermy is very effective on a short term basis, and helps to avoid side effects of other pharmacological treatments.

Depending on the case, the Impala Medical Centre physiotherapy team combines diathermy with other treatments, such as therapeutic massage or manual therapy.